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  • Dog is man's best friend. But, my dog's best friend is Cuz. Cuz is a nearly indestructable rubber ball with feet (sometimes horns) and a really cool squeeker. There's Good Cuz (no horns), Bad Cuz (with lil devil horns), Bad Other Cuz (with stubby feet and googley eyes AND horns) and Good Other Cuz (stubby feet, googley eyes and no horns).

  • Today, we got 2 new Cuz's! This is Ty waiting patiently as I was trying to pull the tags off them. It was not easy to get the above picture as everytime I placed the Cuz's for photographing, Ty would sneak up and snag one. He is Cuz obsessed! "Please Mommy, may I have the Cuz?!"

  • Here he is with one of his beloved Cuz. Trying to get me to take it from him. He loves us to throw it for him but he also adores keep away which can be a very slimey game. Yuck!

  • Excuse me, Sir....you have something in your teeth!

  • Cuz and Ty's tongue don't always fit in his mouth at the same time. This is an older Cuz. He's feet have been mangled by one of Ty's playmates. Ty would never mangle Cuz. He loves Cuz!

  • Ty plays with Cuz for hours. Seriously... he throws it up and chases it. He grabs it and it flies out of his mouth and he chases it again. We throw it and he'll play fetch forever. Or he just lays down and licks it or chews it so it squeeks. He loves the squeeker. If a Cuz's squeeker dies, Ty will no longer play with it and it has to be retired to the circular file. It's so cute how much he loves Cuz. I find them in his bed sometimes. Yes, he even sleeps with it.

  • This is my favorite shot of the day. How cute is this! I know, I know.... he's Cuz obsessed and I'm Ty obsessed! You can find Cuz at your local feed store or pet department store.

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  • One of our blog stalkers - I mean readers - asked if I could share our old website's playlist. I was sad to see the music aspect of our site go. You never know if it will show up again. I really do love music of all types, eras, genres. Here was our playlist - in no particular order:

    Sia - Breathe Me
    Paolo Nutini - These Streets
    The Fray - How to Save a Life
    Bon Jovi - Make A Memory
    Jon McLaughlin - Indiana
    The Red Jumsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
    The Last Goodnight - Pictures of You
    Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing
    Colbie Caillat - Coco
    Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
    Graham Colton - Here Right Now

  • Please feel free to comment on what you like about the new site, or if there are things you miss on the old one.

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  • It's been a while now that I've been meeting clients at Bella Donna Bridal. My dear friend Ashley used to be the owner. Cindy and Esther are the owners now. Carie and I had lunch with Cindy not long ago - which was a pleasant break from our normal meetings which are usually at the store. And we were back again last week picking out all our gowns for our next photo shoot.

    You can always view some of our sample albums while you're there. And it's a great excuse to go dress shopping too!

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  • When I first met with Christine and Rich, I knew this would be a super fun couple. When they told me of their idea for their engagement session, I was giddy with excitement. They both had super long dreadlocks and to celebrate Christine's birthday and in honor of it being their one year mark of when Rich proposed, they were both going to cut them off! And we were going to capture their reactions when they each saw each other for the first time in photos.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 1

  • The Engagement photo shoot plan was for John and I to meet up with Rich at Ace of Fades (loved this place!) and Christine was going to meet us later.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 2

  • Christine, before photo taken at home, had headed into the city to get her hair done up earlier in the day. She arrived back in Sacramento in time to get her makeup done too before our engagement photo shoot.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 2

  • Christine arrived before Rich was done. She paced outside and was a bit nervous - even trying to peak in through the blinds. When Rich came out and tapped her on the shoulder to turn around, Christine was so excited that she gave Rich one of those "NO WAY" type pushes. :-) The other patrons of the shop were eager to see their reactions too and came out to watch while we took photos.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 3

  • I think this series says it all!

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 4

  • From there we headed off to capture some more of our typical style engagement photos. I love this next one.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 5

  • Christine and Rich are so full of laughs 90% of the time - and so easy to photograph. There was a little bit of ear blowing going on and some definite flirting. This next engagement photo is one of the more serious shots of them - they seem so relaxed.

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 6

  • We ended our night at Ginger Elizabeth's Chocolates. YUMMY! I even brought some treats home to Cory. I can't wait for Christine and Rich's wedding next year. What a wonderful friendship we are certain to build between now and then. Click the below image to start their slideshow. Enjoy!

  • Sacramento Engagemento Photos 7

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  • I met with Christie and Jen to show them their album draft today. They've been so patient as I had to whittle down the 300+ images that I wanted to use to a smaller quantity. :-)

    Click the below image to begin their slideshow. Enjoy!

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