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  • I love fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I believe your inner happiness can sculpt anything and everything around you. Beauty and happiness truly comes from within!

    I ran my first marathon in 2007 and am looking forward to another one, but not anytime soon. Now I just enjoy my weekly runs with Carie!

    I am a horrible speller and still don't get the whole "ie" before something and "ei" at the end of something else. I'm a huge math and science nerd!

    I never sleep with socks on unless I am absolutely freezing. My great uncle had his toes amputated when my cousins and I were younger. He told us it was because he slept with his socks on as a child and it cut off his circulation. Ten years later we realized it was because he was a diabetic. Till this day every cousin of mine sleeps bare foot including myself.

    I'm a gemini and have the typical gemini dual personality going for me. Most of the time I am very laid back, but am definitely one of the most sarcastic people you will meet. I don't like to hold back too much.

    I don't get embarrassed that often. I figure whatever happened will be a great story to laugh about later! There is One thing I do get embarrassed of and that is falling when I'm by myself. It's awkward when you have no one else to laugh with!

    I have a soft spot for the Kardashians, every one of them, including their boyfriends.

    I should host the dress for less. I can put together any designers outfit at a bargain price!

    I have been in ballet for 15 years....ya, I know, I was a big deal at Julliard. Totally joking! I never was in ballet or anything related to dance, I played basketball and golf most of my life.

    I have a huge sweet tooth. Most of the time, especially before the summer when I'm trying to wiggle into a bathing suit, I chew on berry tums. Makes me feel much more healthier!

    I had lasik eye surgery two years ago. One of the best things ever minus the fact that months after the procedure I would randomly try to take out my contacts in the middle of the night that I didn't have in.

  • That's me on the left!

    Things I love and cant live without:

    My Rocco Taco. The cutest Boston Terrier with one baby blue eye and one brown. He has a lot of character. If you meet him, you will understand. He's a fearless little nut and will go up to anything and anyone for his exploration needs. Not a bone of discrimination in his body!

    My family is your typical indian family, they fight hard and love hard. We are the version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Indian style. it's a fight to get your voice heard and you have to be sharp because we all just crack jokes about each other. Throw your ego out at the door! My mother is the most driven woman I know and my father has the kindest heart. I am so grateful for their presence in my life. As well as my older brother who might feel younger at times, but one of the most influential people in my life and his Roofus is the sweetest boxer puppy that I love to pieces!

    My friends are the greatest treasures I have come across overtime. I feel like I have hit gold with the people in my life! I love the camaraderie and the fact that we want nothing, but the best for each other. I have finally come to the realization that I get to choose who is in my life and I want nothing but the best! Therefore, all of my friends are best friends, there is no need to single one person out.

    Travel. I am blessed to have parents that also love to travel and we get to share seeing the world and learning about other cultures. My favorite trip to date has been my return to India. I went to India the first time when I was three years old, which I do remember going to the zoo with a banana in one hand and my favorite purse in another, but that is about all I remember. I returned two years ago. It was such a humbling experience seeing where my parent's came from and what they had to get where they are now. I am so proud of their drive and perseverance to get here.

    Long distance running and Kickboxing workouts! Not the cardio kickboxing workouts, but the real deal hitting a bag workout. I say long distance because I have the longest legs, but man I can't sprint at all!

    My sweats...I feel it makes me appreciate going out and getting fancy, sometimes you even surprise yourself with what you might look like!

    LAUGHING! laughing might not be the cure to everything, but it sure makes things a lot more fun!

    Sunny days. I feel like the sun is a big slap of happiness in my face! Best slap ever! The rain is fun when I'm asleep and don't have to deal with Rocco's wet paws.

    Bright colors. They make me extremely happy and energetic!

    Summer dresses. Jeans are very stuffy and when your stuff just doesn't fit right in them, then a flowy dress will hide all the extra goodies!

    Wine nights and sparkly white lights. They make you feel so cozy!

    Meeting new people. There are so many great things to learn about from everyone and good and bad in every single person. Embrace the good.

    "Love love love, all you need is love."

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