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  • Friday, Cory and I were lucky to spend the entire afternoon and evening with Shawna and Jeremy. They had flown in from Pennsylvania on Thursday and we were so excited and had great plans in store for our "Day in the Life of Shawna and Jeremy", which by the way will be a 3 part blog post series, so check back tomorrow too!

    The highlight of the day was going to Daffodil Hill....which is only open for about 3 weeks each year when all the Daffodils are in bloom. It was so beautiful. Cory has been there before to scout it out, but I had not ever been there yet and was so looking forward to sharing this day.

    According to their website, "much of the landscape around the old homestead is covered with more than 300 named varieties of daffodils. For the last twenty years, the McLaughlins have continued to plant up to 6,000 new bulbs a year. It is estimated that today, Daffodil Hill is carpeted with over 300,000 bulbs.

    Daffodil Hill is in a beautiful alpine setting at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. With pine trees, an old barn, wagon wheels, and rusting mining equipment and farming tools, it appeals to anyone with a love of nature. Flowers are everywhere, with pea-fowl, chickens, pigeons and lambs making themselves at home.

    Not a commercial enterprise, nor formally publicized or promoted, the ranch has been owned by the same family since it was acquired in 1887 by wagon pioneers Arthur McLaughlin and Elizabeth "Lizzie" van Vorst-McLaughlin."

  • I made sure to call ahead and confirmed that Daffodil Hill opened just a week ago. It opens when 25% of the bulbs are in bloom. With rain hitting the Sacramento area on Thursday night, in quite a down pour, we were lucky that Friday was beautiful!

  • Jeremy and Shawna are such a fun couple. I can't wait to share with you more of our day together!

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