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  • I was super glad that the weather held out on Friday long enough for me to get to spend some time with Heather, Wade, and little Devin. He's 2 now can you believe it?! He's such a good kid. Full of energy. It was hard to get him to sit still very long at all, so I was basically just following him around the playground and getting whatever he decided to do next.

    I couldn't get him to crawl through this tunnel, but I do like this one of Devin at the end.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 1

  • Devin LOVED the bouncy bridge.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 2

  • Little kids seem to have no fear at all. He was up and down on everything he could find.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 3

  • Even Mom and Dad had to run to keep up with him.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 4

  • This was one of our moments where we trapped Devin so he'd be still for just a few seconds.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 5

  • And of course, he couldn't run when mom and dad picked him up.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 6

  • Sacramento Family Photos 7

  • Devin likes cars...he brings this little blue basket of cars everywhere with him.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 8

  • And he is going to be a great baseball player when he grows up. I can't believe he was already hitting the ball!

  • Sacramento Family Photos 9

  • And here is one more of those moments where we kind of trapped him to take a family photo. He even was smiling!

  • Sacramento Family Photos 10

  • Devin is good - he even carries his own basket back to the car when it was time to leave. :-)

  • Sacramento Family Photos 11

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