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  • Last Tuesday evening was our Sacramento NACE meeting and we had the pleasure of Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation glass-maker and CEO of Riedel Crystal of America, demonstrating the relationship between the shape of a glass and our perception and enjoyment of wines.

  • Riedel Wine Glass Tasting at Elks Tower

  • When I arrived early to photograph the event, which was open to the public, it was amazing to see so many Riedel glasses on the tables. The perk of attending this event was that for the cost of your entrance, you were going to take home the 4 piece Vinum XL tasting set.

  • Riedel Wine Glassware

  • I arrived in time to watch as the wines were poured.

  • Riedel Wine Glass Tasting

  • There were many great sponsors to this NACE event. Sacramento Magazine's Our Wedding was on hand with magazines as well as provided water at each seat.

  • Sacramento Magazine sponsor of Riedel Wine Glass Tasting

  • Check-in started at 6pm and the tables filled up quickly. The bottom two photos showcase some of the wonderful people who helped put on this great NACE event: in the bottom left you see Mike Regan of MR DJ Service (with Sandra of Arden Hills Resort). And bottom right is our fearless crew of Catrina of Catrina Maria Event Planning and Design, Sandy Wilson of Wilson Vineyards, and Fearon of Fearon May Events.

  • NACE sponsored Riedel Wine Glass Tasting

  • Maximilian Riedel took the stage to begin our lesson and can I just say "WOW", I never knew I had so much to learn about wine glasses and the importance of drinking wine out of the right glass.

  • Maximilian Riedel teaches wine tasting event

  • As people were enjoying their first taste of a Riesling, I headed up the balcony to showcase how many people were in attendance at the Elks Tower.

  • Riedel Glass wine tasting event at Elks Tower

  • When we had to pour our great Cabernet into the Chardonnay glass....I cried. It now tasted horrible! According to our tasting notes, "The shape of the glass is responsible for the flow the wine and consequently where it touches the various taste zones of the tongue. The initial point of contact depends on the shape and volume of the glass, the diameter of the rim, and its finish (whether it is cut and polished or rolled edge) as well as the thickness of the crystal."

  • Maximilian Riedel teaches wine tasting event

  • It was amazing to see how everyone learned and was in awe of the discoveries they were making. We were taught about temperature, texture, and taste. Wine is composed of different elements: fruit, acidity, mineral components, tannin and alcohol. The combination between the sense of smell and taste leads to the world of flavor. And the glass itself plays a HUGE role in this experience.

  • Riedel Wine tasting event at Elks Tower

  • Towards the end of the evening, Maximilian Riedel brought out "Eve", the most amazing decanter you will ever see! Retails for $495. I immediately went home and told Cory I wanted one! I can't wait to see what Eric of Acti-Video Productions does with the sound clip when Mr. Riedel turned the decanter.

  • Maximilian Riedel teaching wine tasting event

  • After the wine tasting demonstration was over, it was time for some wonderful appetizers by some of our local favorites: The Firehouse Restaurant, Jackson Catering and Events, and Beth Sogaard Catering.

  • Sacramento NACE event at Elks Tower

  • Last but certainly not least, The Chocolate Architects provided a sweet dessert as our finale. My personal fave was the Rocky Road with the little marshmallows!

  • Sacramento NACE at Elks Tower

  • Thank you Mr. Riedel. It was such a pleasure to photograph this event, but even more of a pleasure to learn about the importance of the glass! I personally own Riedel glassware in all shapes and sizes. From here on out I will never use the wrong glass again!

  • Maximilian Riedel

  • Some of the many other great vendors who helped make this event a success:
    Rent Rite - The Party People, Wineries: Wilson Vineyards, Bogle Vineyards, Heringer Estates, Lange Twins Winery, Acti-Video Productions, All Seasons All Reasons Fine Catering, The Firehouse Restaurant, Jackson Catering and Events, Beth Sogaard Catering, the Chocolate Architects, MR DR Service, Catrina Maria Event Planning and Design, Fearon May Events, Sacramento Magazine's Our Wedding, and Sacramento NACE.

    And of course The Memory Journalists photographed this event. :-) Please forgive me if I left anyone out.

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