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  • This is day 31 of our Writing for 31 Days series. Today we are going to talk about backing up your photos since this topic is often overlooked. I'm often asked if I back up my personal photos. While I may not back them up as extensively as I do our client's photos, I still back them up. I thought I would share with you our back up process for clients, as well as what I do personally.

    First off, backup your photos! Why? Your computer will crash at some point and you will lose everything. We recently had a "when it rains it pours" situation. One PC completely died (mother board was fried) and not a week later, my other PC had a drive issue. Luckily for me, for clients I have an extensive back up process and was able to get things going again relatively quickly.

    Step 1: Back up Originals - I back up all the originals before we even begin to cull photos (whittle down to only our favorites) to an external drive.
    Step 2: Back up Originals after culling - to a different external drive than what we did on step 1.
    Step 3: Back up photos after any photo editing/processing has been performed to same drive as step 2. And, copy these completed photos to yet another external drive. Lastly, I copy client photos to the USB drive (used to be CDs) that they eventually receive.

    While this is cumbersome for just a personal photo, this is what I do for our client work. For personal photos, I tend to skip step 2 and I don't copy to a USB drive. So I still have my originals and my final edited photos.

    Another method for backup is using online sites such as Flickr and creating an album on Facebook. These may be low resolution photos, but at least you wouldn't completely lose them if your computer crashed.

    Do you back up your photos? I'd love to hear your process!

  • Backing up your photos

  • You can get back to the monthly table of contents of Taking Better Blog Photos via our Day 1 post. I hope you have enjoyed this month's series and if you have any questions please let us know.

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