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  • This week's Wedding Photo Wednesday Post is about why your wedding flowers should arrive early on your wedding day. You can read our other Wedding Photo Wednesday Posts on our blog.

    The flowers for your wedding including boutonnieres and bouquets need to arrive at the same time or before your wedding photographer is due to arrive. That way your flowers can be used as much as possible in your wedding photos. Your photographer will want to take some photos of the inanimate objects like your flowers while you are finishing up getting ready. Also, you want the photos taken with you and all your girls to include your beautiful wedding flowers. One more thing, you want plenty of photos of you with your flowers before they get too beat up which is pretty much inevitable.

  • Wedding flowers arrival time

  • One more bonus to your flowers arriving when your wedding photographer arrives is that your florist will be so happy to have some professional photos of their fabulous work!

  • Wedding Flowers Arrival time

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