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  • Last week, Kerry, Cory and I attended the Kevin James and Ray Romano comedy show at the Sacramento Community Theater. Unlike the 50 million people (okay a bit of an exaggeration) in the audience who were snapping photos, and even one woman who used her phone to film almost the entire thing before she got into trouble, I chose to enjoy the show and obey the request of the artists and not take any photos. (My photo of our tickets will have to do - We did have Row A, seats 1-3 - pretty stoked about that!)

    I loved watching Everybody Loves Raymond and who doesn't like Kevin James?! The show started out with an intro act for about 20 minutes, then Ray came on for a good 45 minutes, followed by Kevin for a good hour, then Ray came back out and the two of them together worked the crowd for another good half hour. It's the first show I've been to at the Community theater is a very long time. And it was packed. I think the last time Cory and I had been there was for Seinfeld's standup show.

    I can never resist a good comedy act!

  • Ray Romano vs Kevin James at the Sacramento Community Theater

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