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  • Kylie just turned 3 months old and I was was able to capture this moment by taking some family photographs. She's so cute and her little smile is super contagious.

  • She had just woken up from a nap so she was a happy camper.

  • Daddy hates the bows...Mommy loves the bows. Guess who won?!

  • Kylie is at the age now where she is starting to really smile and giggle.

  • I just love this photo!

  • Look at her big blue eyes. I hope they never change!

  • Another aspect I really love is when they discover their tongue.

  • Kylie loves flying.

  • We did a quickie change of clothes and captured this photo with mommy.

  • Kylie was enthralled watching her parents kiss.

  • After our quick time outdoors, we went inside for a few more photos.

  • With her pink pacifier, the pink blanket was perfect.

  • Kylie is starting to watch herself in the mirror these days so we used a mirror as a prop.

  • One last one of Kylie and mom. Can't wait for Kylie's upcoming baptism.

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