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  • Today's post continues with the topic of child care, specifically child care facilities. Child care facilities provide out-of-home care for several groups of children. Many parents believe that more staff, space, equipment, toys, and organized activities provide a better learning environment for their children.

    -The state licenses these facilities.
    -Staff are trained and supervised.
    -There is more than one caregiver; someone is always available.
    -Background information can be provided, if requested.
    -Centers have structured programs or curricula to help children learn.

    -Centers are only open during normal business hours.
    -Less one-on-one attention.
    -Regulations vary depending on whether the center is publicly or privately funded, and if they are religion-based.
    -High-demand centers often have waiting lists.

    Questions that may help in choosing a child care facility:
    -What are the hours? What if you are late in picking up your child?
    -What is the cost and how are payments made?
    -What education, training, and expertise does the child care provider(s) have? Is the child care provider certified in first aid and CPR?
    -What is their discipline policy?
    -How often does the child care provider provide feedback to the parents?
    -What are their policies on health standards, illness, medication, nutrition, discipline, media, and outdoor play?
    -Is the center licensed or registered with the appropriate local government agencies?
    -Can you visit the center before your child is enrolled?
    -Are visitors screened? Can only approved adults visit the center and pick up children?
    -What is the security at the facility?
    -How long have the staff worked at the center?
    -What is the child-adult ratio? How many children are in each age group?

    Check out the California Licensing Standards for current child to adult ratios for daycare centers.

    And be sure to visit the facility a few times before deciding if it is the right choice for your family. Stop by unannounced, stay for an hour and observe how the staff interacts with the children, and ask as many questions as you can.

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