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  • Teresa is joining us and sharing something she is passionate about lately on the MJ blog - creating fun family balanced meals. Her ideas are amazing so I've asked if we could start posting them here for our MJ readers. This first week is a sample of many dinners she has created in the last month, and we'll be doing at least 1 if not more posts each week.

    Teresa said she purchased these divided plates from target, inspired by Bento Box style eating, and it really has helped to create more balanced meals for her kiddos. "I found that we were always so busy that I was throwing quick things together and leaving stuff out. Some nights we'd have a veggie. Some nights we wouldn't. Some nights it was a LOT of starches and no fruit. Now I am striving to put something from all of the food groups on their plates. Even if it's a little something."

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  • From top to bottom and left to right: Hot dog night!!! Hot dogs on the grill with Mac n Cheese on the side. We threw some cherry tomatoes and mandarin oranges in there too.

    Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Steamed asparagus and applesauce to go along with it. This one was a HUGE hit!

    Whole wheat spaghetti and beef meatballs with steamed broccoli cauliflower and orange and yellow carrots. They also got a side of buttered bread with sprinkles. It's called Fairy Bread in the UK. The fairy bread was a huge hit!

    Peanut butter pancakes with warm raspberry jelly poured over the top! Accompanied with scrambled eggs with cheese and a silicone cup cake holder filled with strawberry banana yogurt topped with sprinkles of course! :-)

    Taquitos with sour cream for dipping. A disc of baby bell cheese with cherry tomatoes. And some fresh cut honey dew Melon and peach yogurt both topped with sprinkles for fun! Sprinkles make the world a better place.

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