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  • Sorry I have blog posted in over a week! I was doing so well. Well let me tell you about my past 10 days. It's been a whirlwind of activity. This post is going to be one of those longer ones...sorry!

    Week before last, I had the opportunity to get to know an acquaintance on a more personal level, and I'm happy to say I've connected with a new friend. Not only did I have lunch with Haley, but that same day, we had dinner too. I believe everyone crosses your path for a reason and Haley is no exception. If you're reading this Haley - thank you for commenting on my blog recently and sharing your stories with me. I can't wait til next time!

    Last weekend, I attended one of the greatest workshops yet. Liana Lehman teaches a "Photo Biz Bootcamp" that is more about the business and branding side of photography rather than the normal shooting style workshops. It's about the health of your studio from a financial perspective. It was hard core. 8am til 9pm each night. There were 9 of us (all girls) total. And it was business and life changing for me. Thank you Liana! The women that I met there were in all stages of their careers and it was great to hear that no matter at what stage you're at...we all have some of the same struggles with decisions.

    I met a woman at bootcamp that I connected with on such a personal level. Something about her background...her expressiveness, her life - made me feel that we were destined to be friends. And she's local to this area! I can't wait to see our friendship grow. Her name is Dawn. And I reconnected with another amazing woman, also local to this area. I don't get out as often as I should and it had been forever since I had lunch with Sharon. We all tend to keep our own little worlds, working and spending what little time we have with family. But these women reminded me how good it is get out there a bit.

    We had to choose accountability partners in bootcamp. It's like a parole officer...kind of. We have to check in and report if we've accomplished what we set out to do by a set date. It puts the pressure on just a tad! So with accountability in mind, I came back and was determined to get things I had marked as priorities under way. We have so much awesome stuff coming your way for our Memory Journalists clients, I'm just beside myself with how cool it will be. In the next two months you will see a HUGE change in how we run our business!

    There has been reminders of Life and Death this last week for me. I attended a baby shower for one of my consulting colleagues. And I attended the funeral for another friend's father. And somehow this all tied into the writing exercise we did at bootcamp...writing our own eulogy. When it came time to read our eulogy aloud at bootcamp, I kind of choked up. Very emotional to think about what your friends and family would say. But a wonderful exercise in getting to know everyone...a glimpse into their inner selves.

    The biggest reason I've been MIA on the blog is that I'm fighting allergies something fierce and I've been sick all week. It's really a drag to have allergies so bad that it feels like you've got the worse cold ever! (but it's good in the weight loss department!)

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